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School Health

Sick/Hurt Students:

Although we take precautions to protect our students and keep them healthy, protecting them from all harm is impossible. In the event that your child becomes ill or hurt, we will assess the situation and take necessary measures. If your child is determined to be hurt significantly or ill and unable to return to class, we will begin calling the phone numbers on the emergency card. Please be sure these phone numbers are current! If your child needs medical attention and we are unable to reach you, for the safety of your child we will not hesitate to call 911.

Medication at School:

If your child needs to take prescription or non-prescription medication at school, it is necessary to return a signed form from your doctor. Forms can be obtained in our office. It is against state law for your child to transport any medication to and from school. You will need to bring and pick up the medication. We are happy to help you with medication, but we must follow state law and district policy.

Student Insurance:

Your child’s school does not provide medical insurance coverage for school accidents. This means that you are responsible for the medical bills if your child gets hurt during school activities. We strongly suggest a Student Health Care or High Option 24-hour Plan which is especially helpful for those students with no other insurance coverage.

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