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Special Programs

School Site Council

School Site Council is made up of parents, teachers, the principal, classified employees and community members. Elections are held every year to elect representatives from each group. If you wish to join the council please look for the announcement of the election and send in your name to be added to the ballot. It is the business of the council to advise and help plan the School Plan for Student Achievement (SPSA) and budget. They make important decisions for our school.

English Language Development (ELD)

These programs are for children whose primary language is other than English or who need help with language. The English Language Development program is designed to work with our limited English speaking students to help them learn to read in their primary language and in English. Children are referred to the program by their teacher and their home language survey.

English-Learner Advisory Committee

This parent group is designed to serve the parents of our bilingual students. They help plan the educational program for their children. They offer input and feedback to the staff. This committee meets several times during the school year for the purpose of sharing information, having discussions, and socializing with non-English speaking families. Interpreters are available during this time to help develop a clearer understanding of activities happening at school.

Student Study Teams

The goal of the Student Study Team is to meet together as staff and parents to discuss a child’s progress in school. Students or parents may ask for a meeting anytime they are concerned about a student. The Team discusses strategies and approaches to better help the student. If at any time you are concerned about your student’s progress in school, please discuss it with the teacher and ask for a Student Study Team meeting.


Morning tutoring is also made possible through our FLAIR program. This is another opportunity for students in grades two through six to receive additional help with the mastery of the standards. All this tutoring is free of cost.

Book Club

For our 2nd and 3rd graders, we recently started an after school book club. The book club will meet once a month in the library to discuss a chapter book selected by the students and will engage students and their families in different book-related activities. Families read the book together and come ready to participate in a group discussion, fun activity and snack. The overall goal is to encourage students and their families to discuss and enjoy different kinds of literature. Participation would entail reading a book with your child once a month and attending the meetings together. More information about this club will be sent home during the school year.


4th-6th graders can try out to be a member of our online school newspaper staff. If selected, students would meet every Friday morning at 8:00 to work on articles for the monthly newspaper. Check out some of our last year’s papers located on the front of the Juniper website.

100 Mile Club

For $10 students and family members can sign up to be a part of the 100 Mile Club running club. Our track is open Monday and Thursday mornings from 8:30-9:00 and during Saturday School. We also host monthly after school fun runs and Night Runs (TBD). You can sign up any time. Come by the office to pick up a registration form today!

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