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Generally, only students in 4th – 6th grade ride their bicycles to school. Any student riding his/her bicycle to school must wear a helmet and have a chain and bike lock for the bike. Bicycles must be locked on the bike rack located near the office. It is recommended that you register their bike with the Hesperia sheriff department. We prefer that only 4th – 6th graders ride their bikes to school. Younger children may ride their bike if accompanied by an adult. The security of bicycles are the responsibility of the owner and not the school. Skateboard, skate shoes, scooters, etc may not be brought to school at any time.

kids walking


Students who walk to school and back should take the same route each day. It should be a route decided on by you and your student together. Students should walk directly to school and home every day. Please speak with your child regarding safety and avoidance of people they don’t know.

car pickup


Students being picked up by car will be walked by a teacher from their rooms to the lower parking lot. Parents who drive through the pick-up lane need to stay in line and remain in your car. Our school is crowded. Please, if you walk to the pick-up area to meet your child, wait in the parent waiting area holding your assigned number. Do not walk into the student waiting/passthrough. We will not release students to walk between cars. Failure to follow these guidelines will only result in further delays for all. Also, pets are not allowed on campus without prior approval from the principal. Please leave your pets at home. We ask that you be a patient and polite example for our students. After 3:20pm, students cannot be picked up from the office. Parents must meet their child at pick-up or bust stop. Any changes regarding students’ regular form of transportation from school must be presented in writing or in person by the parent or guardian.

school bus

Bus Riders

Bus transportation is available to students living over one mile from school. Students must ride the bus home unless they have a note from their parents stating otherwise, received int he office before 3:20. We expect students to follow bus rules. If they are not acting safely on the bus they will get a bus letter and may be denied the opportunity to ride the bus for several days or for the rest of the year. We expect them to follow safe practices at the bus stop also. Kindergarteners will not be released from the bus unless they are met at the bus stop by their parent. They will be returned to school. If you have concerns or questions about the bus rules, bus letters or bus safety, please call the Transportation Department at 760-244-4022.

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